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Changing jobs and all that comes with it

Changing jobs and all that comes with it

Changing jobs is never an easy task. Daunting to say the least, it is a big step in anyone’s life and can have both positive and negative effects on you should you go about it the wrong way. Whether it’s a personal decision or brought on by your current circumstances, changing your job is a… Read more »

How to write a good cover letter…5 cover letter tips

How to write a good cover letter

Most people find it more difficult to write a good cover letter than to put together their CV. This is mostly due to the fact that a cover letter requires one to sell themselves in the best possible way whilst keeping it brief, to the point and modest too! Your cover letter needs to be… Read more »

Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Job interviews, no one enjoys them, most of us dread them but nearly all of us have to do at least one in our lifetime. Lee Botti & Associates have provided a small table of do’s and don’ts for you to read through before your next interview…

Preparing Questions to end an interview strongly…

ending your interview

So, we all tend to focus on the first part of the interview, what attire to wear, what questions will we be expected to answer, how to put our best foot forward? But what about the rest of the interview? How do you end strongly in order to make a good LASTING impression? Lee Botti… Read more »

7 Ways To Get Hired…

Jobs in South Africa are scarce enough as it is, so when you put yourself out there on LinkedIn, email someone your CV or land an interview – you need to be doing it correctly to score that job or give yourself every opportunity to get hired! There are most certainly a couple of things… Read more »