iThuba is an empowerment project that started in 2012 as part of the company’s 35th birthday celebrations. We developed a 3 hour training program for previously disadvantaged Grade 11’s from the townships to help prepare them for the difficult job market they will face once they leave school.

The interactive program covers the following:

  • Where to look for jobs
  • How to respond to an advert
  • Drawing up a Curriculum Vitae
  • How to conduct yourself at an interview
  • Questions you should or could be asked
  • The value of job shadowing / temp work
  • How to partner with your employer and excel your career
  • You grow you

We hold our workshops at the upmarket premises of the Iziko Maritime Centre in the Union Castle Building in the Waterfront twice a month. The curator at the museum also spends time with the students showing them ship models and covering some aspects of history. At the end of the workshop, each student receives a booklet that has been kindly sponsored by Now Media.

Click below to watch our exciting iThuba video!