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Top Tips For Streamlining Your Company’s Recruitment Strategy.

Diversity Hands Recruitment Search Opportunity Concept

Are you responsible for your company’s recruitment strategy or are you looking to implement such a strategy in your own business? Whether you’re hiring for a small company that’s looking to grow or an established entity that needs to fill open slots, the recruitment process can be a long and tiring one; and the longer… Read more »

What Is Social Recruiting And Why Does It Matter?

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting (or social media recruitment to use the full title) involves using social media platforms as recruitment databases or as places to advertise available positions. Recruiters who work in this online space use social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, websites, blog posts and websites to find information on potential candidates or to post vacancies… Read more »

Our iThuba initiative continues….

A wonderful morning with a very special Grade 12 group from Luhlaza Secondary School, Khayelitsha who attended our iThuba workshop. Eager and interested kids that were an honour to teach. We look forward to the next group.

SKAL Cape Town donates to iThuba initiative!

We were overwhelmed to receive a generous donation from the Cape Town club of SKAL International, towards our passionate project, our iThuba initiative.  Excerpt from their newsletter below…

How To Find The Right Employees For Your Business

Recruiting Employees

Do you find it difficult to source the right employees for your business? Ever hired someone that looked great on paper but didn’t fit in at all? Finding the right employees can be a challenging undertaking. In fact, research shows that 60% of small businesses in particular find it difficult to source skilled candidates for… Read more »