How to write a good cover letter…5 cover letter tips

How to write a good cover letter

Most people find it more difficult to write a good cover letter than to put together their CV. This is mostly due to the fact that a cover letter requires one to sell themselves in the best possible way whilst keeping it brief, to the point and modest too! Your cover letter needs to be memorable and convincing in order to land you that interview, so it could be the key to your success. Lee Botti & Associates are aware that this is a big ask and have therefore put a small list of tips together to assist you in writing your next cover letter. Whether you are changing careers or your job or are looking for a job for the first time, these should be helpful!

  1. Don’t be lazy

Whilst drafting a generic cover letter may seem like the easiest and least time consuming way to get your cover letter and CV out to as many companies as possible, this is definitely not the answer if you want to land a job! You will need to make sure that the tone of your cover letter is appropriate for the company you are applying at. The more you tailor the cover letter to the company, the more impressed they will be! Make reference to something on their website, you could even use their slogan in a quirky or clever way.

  1. Let them know that you’re “the one”

A cover letter is used to let the company or person reading the letter know that you are “the one” for the job. While your qualifications and achievements (featured on your CV) let them know that you meet the basic criteria for the job, the cover letter is an opportunity for you to express other qualities that make you right for the job. Don’t be shy, list the skills and personality traits that match the type of candidate they are looking to hire.

  1. Original content is vital

Whatever you do, don’t repeat everything that already features in your CV! The cover letter (normally 1 page in length – with ±4 paragraphs on it) is valuable space that you want to use to make your personality shine and put your best foot forward – don’t waste it!

  1. It’s not all about you!

We all love to talk about ourselves but try to remember that the interview is the time allocated for you to do this. You will be pointing certain aspects about yourself out in the cover letter (mentioned above) but you need to focus on the company more than yourself. Try to point out how you and your skills will help the company be successful / grow. So, it goes without saying that you should avoid personal pronouns as much as possible too.

  1. Layout

We have already discussed that your cover letter should not be more than 1 page long but here’s how you should set the letter out…Start with a brief introduction, this should include what position you are applying for. Summarize why you would like the job and why you are perfect for the position (keeping all the above in mind) in the next 2 paragraphs. Next, you should mention the skills and achievements you have that show why you’re right for the job. If necessary you should mention why you are moving jobs / careers and assure them that the decision is a good and final one. In conclusion, mention some final key points that they won’t be able to forget. Whatever you do, do not submit the letter without checking over it for grammar or spelling mistakes. You should try get someone to check it for you to make sure.

If you have your cover letter and CV ready, upload and send them to Lee Botti & Associates today! We will do our best to find you a job within the Supply Chain, Logistics & Travel sectors! Alternatively, contact Lee Botti & Associates for more information, now.