Hunting for jobs is something each and every one of us go through at some stage or another. Often enough, people are unaware of the effort and work that goes into job hunting and start the process ill-prepared making it a very unenjoyable task.

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  • Taking on a job that does not interest you, excite you or hold your attention will ultimately be detrimental to both you and the employer in the long run. By ensuring you apply for jobs that you know you are passionate about and have some sort of interest in you can rest assured that your passion and positive attitude will the shine through in the interview and increase your chances of securing the job or being called back for a second round of interviews.
  • With today’s advance in technology and developments across communication channels, social media profiles and connections are becoming a huge influence in the job hunting process.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network that allows you to build and manage your professional identity online and in a professional manner; connect with influential people and engage in conversations relevant to you and your passions in the working world. Making sure you are connected online as well as in person is a great way to begin and develop throughout your job hunting process.

  • Adapting your CV to highlight your best qualities and skills is an imperative step in the job hunting process. Studying the job description before applying is crucial, it allows you to adapt your CV, ensuring that it highlights your best qualities and professional experience according to what the employer is looking for. Not only will this help you to stand out in a crowd but it also prevents the employer form being bored by your CV, especially when they are required to read through a whole bunch of information about you that they might find irrelevant according to what they’re looking for.

The aim is that in the long run this will increase your chances of being considered as opposed to the employer seeing irrelevant information that could possibly dampen your chances of being considered for the job.

  • Don’t limit yourself. Applying for jobs can be done in a variety of ways and it is vital that you make use of any and all ways to apply so as not to limit yourself to a specific communication platform.

By focusing on one platform of communication you are ultimately going to negatively impact your reach as a potential employee to a number of other employers and organisations who may not advertise their job opportunities online. Be sure to make use of all forms of communication such as online, email, face-to-face and a recruitment agency in order to better your chances in the job hunting process.Job Interview Date in a Calendar

  • Having said this, when meeting with potential employers and interviewers face-to-face it is extremely crucial that you remember to remain calm and be yourself. It is never beneficial to put on a front during an interview as it limits the interviewer and/or potential employer from getting to know the real you which can be detrimental to your job placement. Alongside this, showing some love to the company you are being interviewed for is a must. By showing your appreciation and interest in the company you are showing the interviewer that you have a passion for the job and a love for their brand so be sure to do a bit of research on the brand before you enter into an interview.

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