Career Advice

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Compiling a CV

Ensure that your career search is in good hands. Select a recruitment agency that will tailor-make your CV, highlight your strengths and communicate what you have to offer that sets you above the rest. They should know what a prospective employer wants and promote your skills to match that.

Make sure your recruiter of choice knows your core competencies and achievements, and highlights that in a covering letter written specifically for each position they refer you for.

Job Search Strategy

Know what you want

When you decide looking for a job it is important that you identify your ideal job and what you need to do to land that job. When you deal with a premier recruitment agency, they will advise you on career paths, which companies are best suited to you and what the company stands for.

Don’t apply to too many agencies

Don’t fall into the trap of applying to too many recruitment agencies. Rather pick a selected few once you have met with a recruiter from them face-to-face and let them represent you. A prospective employee is not going to feel that you are the unique person they have been waiting for when 10 agencies submits your CV.

Prepare for each interview

Even if you are not successful, your interview is the opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Make sure it is a good one and that you turn every meeting into a positive interaction. Research the company and the person you will be meeting with.

Give your recruiter feedback

Tell them what you thought of the interview process and what interested you. This will make it easier for them to know what to look for.

Remember your online profiles

Many people neglect their LinkedIn profiles and post horrendous things to Facebook. Remember that prospective employers are likely to try and have a look on your profiles to see what you’re about. You are your own PR! Just as you will make sure you present yourself in a professional way face-to-face, you must ensure that you match that profile online.