How To Recruit The Best Supply Chain Candidates

In today’s complex and unpredictable economy, businesses looking to get (and stay) ahead recognise the importance of a highly productive and efficient supply chain, powered by qualified and experienced individuals who are able to balance the demands of operational practices and customer needs.

When the need arises, recruiting for such specialised positions can be a difficult task. This is because supply chain positions, especially those at the higher level of an organisation, demand expert skills, reputable qualifications, and hands-on experience – and this can be a difficult combination to assess from CV applications or database searches alone.

Three top tips for recruiting for supply chain positions:

Qualifications matter. While some junior level supply chain positions don’t require degree qualifications, individuals who apply for senior positions should have the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, engineering, or a related field from a reputable institution. A business administration degree with an emphasis on supply chain management can also be useful. While not all your best hires will come from a linear path in terms of degree and experience, holding the relevant qualifications can go a long way to ensuring the person you hire is up to the job.

Look out for strengths in soft skills. Suitable supply chain candidates have a combination of academic, practical and soft skills. Soft skills are not always taught in academic institutions and require some level of practical experience. The following soft skills are key to success in the supply chain industry – understanding the cost-to-serve element, flexibility in approach and practice, diverse project management skills, and team leadership abilities. The ability to learn and adapt to new situations is especially key to the fast-paced world of supply chain management. If you want employees who think fast, are solution-orientated and communicate well and consistently, soft skills are an essential booster to academic qualifications. But, if you are not a recruitment expert, these skills can be harder to assess than simply reviewing formal qualifications, even as they are essential in finding the right fit.

Use an expert recruiter. When it comes to effective recruitment, working with an expert can save you time, money and hassle. Plus, unlike general recruiters, specialist recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of their chosen industry as well as the skills needed to seek out and screen suitable candidates. When it comes to specialist recruitment for supply chain vacancies, look no further than Lee Botti and Associates. At Lee Botti and Associates, along with our years of experience in the supply chain industry, our trained and accredited staff have been equipped with the necessary resources and skills  to obtain thorough references, conduct background checks and evaluate the suitability of candidates.

Recruiting for supply chain positions can be stressful and time-consuming for managers and in-house recruitment staff while having this kind of position stand open in your company for too long can place extra pressure on resources and company processes. Our best advice? Put in place a strategic recruitment plan and work with a recruiter that understands the specifics of supply chain.

At Lee Botti and Associates, we know what to look for in the best-fit candidates, where to find them, and how to help business develop and grow with the right people in place. Established in 1977, we are internationally recognised as an expert source for top quality permanent and temporary staff in the supply chain industry. Hire us and we will effectively manage the screening and selection processes that will ensure the candidates you see are a great fit for your business. If you’re looking for specialist candidates, contact us today.