How To Attract The Candidates Your Company Really Wants

Looking for fresh talent to join your organisation? Need to fill a new role or replace an existing staff member? Recruiting the right talent for a specific role or your company culture can be a challenging task, especially if you’re looking for that perfect fit – the candidate who has both the skills and the personality to fit right in and get the job done brilliantly.

Microscope Searching A Page For The Perfect Candidate

Attracting a pool of potential candidates that you really want to hire (rather than poor calls or wrong fits) takes experience and skill. Read on for a few tips for finding, attracting, and recruiting great-for-your-business candidates.

Ways to attract best-fit candidates for the job:

Pin down the role. To attract the right people for the job, you need to have a clear and comprehensive job description at hand. Before you go looking for a potential employee (or two or three), you need to know what your company wants from your employees, from specific positions, and why you want those things. From areas of responsibility to specific duties, it’s essential to outline in as much detail as possible what is required to successfully fulfil a position within your company. This allows you to set expectations (for both your own business and the candidate) and avoid disappointment when the candidates that do approach you fall short or do not have the required skills or personality.

Showcase your company benefits. While it’s important to know what you want from candidates, don’t forget to let prospective hires know what value you’re adding to their career paths and lives. Essentially, you need to communicate what’s in it for your employees and for those wanting to work in your business. This is about more than fulfilling a particular role – great candidates want to see the value of working for an organisation that goes beyond monetary compensation.

Do you need to do your own online postings, make use of social media, or consider approaching sources that can take this responsibility away from you? Decide which channels are the best for finding the people you want to work with and use them to do just that.

Work with recruitment experts. The best recruitment firms have experience, expertise and processes in place to ensure the right fit between potential employees and prospective companies. They are able to streamline the recruitment process, pitch your business to the appropriate candidates, bring you only the best fits for the job, and therefore attract and deliver the people you really want to work for your company. At Lee Botti and Associates, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you only see the best candidates for your business – candidates who can (and who want to) work in the roles you are offering.

Get good press. How your company is portrayed in the media and in the local community is key to attracting good quality candidates – talented individuals you want to work with. A radio interview, an article in a relevant professional publication, sponsorship of a local charity event or sports club – any positive social engagement (and the resulting feedback) can be beneficial in getting the attention of quality personnel who have the same interests and ethics as the rest of your team and are therefore likely to fit in well.

Investing time in attracting the right candidates to your company will definitely pay off in the long run, not only ensuring you end up working with the right people for your business but also helping you to avoid the wrong hire.

A member of APSO with over 40 years’ experience in recruitment across the supply chain, logistics and travel industries, Lee Botti and Associates are expert recruiters. All our consultants are expertly trained and qualified and, across the country, we uphold only the highest standards of service and client care. With our extensive database of highly skilled job seekers, we can help you find and secure the best possible candidates for your company. Let us know who you are looking for and we will help you find them!

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