Tips For Screening CV’s

Analysing a pile of CV’s is probably one of the most time-consuming and pedantic parts of the hiring process. It’s also essential – making sure you screen (meaning evaluate) each relevant CV thoroughly and precisely could make all the difference when it comes to making the right hire for the position and for your business (and avoiding the wrong ones!). Hiring a professional and highly-skilled recruitment agency to conduct the initial screening process is beneficial in highlighting the CV’s for consideration from the CV’s that do not fit the requirements you are looking for.

Someone With a Magnifying Glass Screening A CV

As a professional recruitment agency, we are trained in analysing and screening applicants CV’s to establish whether or not they are the right fit in terms of a number of important factors. It is important to remember that in today’s working world, there are fewer and fewer traditional roles or set pathways to certain positions. Education, experience, technical expertise and factors like emotional intelligence and self-sufficiency can all play varying roles in the creation of the ‘perfect fit’ candidate which is where we come in – to help sift out applicants who are not eligible for your position.  

In today’s post, we’ve put together a list of key tips for screening CVs that have been submitted to your company by an agency such as ourselves – tips that will help you further separate excellent candidates from average (or even poor) ones and assist you in establishing whether or not these candidates fit the profile.

Tips worth noting:

  1. Examine each CV closely.  Although the CV’s have been screened by a recruitment agency initially, it is still important that you pay detailed attention to each CV submitted. Generally speaking, the agency will have established the best possible candidates based on more factual and to-the-point information that resonates with the guidelines given by you, the employer, but it is thereafter important that you further analyse and ensure that the candidates selected are the best possible fit based on their skills, education and technical expertise.
  1. Create Yes/No piles.  Recruitment agencies have the perfect skill set to establish what candidates would best suit your company and will always do their best in establishing a number of applicants that they feel will be well suited to the company and position at hand but as the employer, it is important for you to further analyse CV’s sent by the recruitment agency to really hone in on the candidates that make strong first impressions and have the necessary skill set to fill the position at hand. Creating yes/no piles will further eliminate any candidates that do not impress or have the necessary skills and give you a small, more niche number of prospective candidates to work with, making the process a lot less drawn out and a lot more efficient and effective.
  1. Ensuring a cultural fit. Having not yet had the opportunity to meet candidates as yet, it would be a good idea to talk to your recruitment consultant, to establish whether they believe the candidate has the right personality and attitude for the job.  It is therefore imperative to only use those agencies that make it their purpose to meet each and every candidate face-to-face, as well as those that make the effort to understand your culture fit.  Being APSO members, we follow a strict policy of interviewing every candidate during the selection process, allowing the client to then shortlist according to the recommendations we provide.

Screening CVs is just one (very important) part of the recruitment process – a process that has a number of challenges along the way. Speak to the expert team at Lee Botti and Associates! With over 40 years’ experience across the country, our professional consultants have been trained to help you find the best employees for the advertised role and your business. From advertising to onboarding, with us, screening CVs is just part of the process of finding the right people for the job.