Why Temp Work Might Just Be What You Are Looking For

The term ‘temp work’ often brings to mind casual work for students or individuals who haven’t yet decided what career they would like to take up. But, while that might be true to a certain extent, temp work can also offer a great opportunity for experienced professionals looking for a change in career, steady short-term income, or the chance to gain new skills. Temp workers are also a great fit for many employers looking for talented employees.

Often overlooked or undervalued, temporary work has a number of benefits for job seekers. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few reasons why temp work might just be the kind of work you’re looking for –  here are a few more.

Top reasons to take up a temp position:Enjoy flexible terms. For many professionals (such as new mothers or those wanting to study further), temp work can offer the flexibility not often offered by full time employment. Temp work may lack the stability of a permanent position but most temp work is on a contract basis so you will have a sense of how long the position will last for, as well as a set salary. Many temp positions also offer flexible hours and working conditions so that you can more easily balance your work and life commitments.

Experience variety on the work front. Temp work suits those individuals who would rather work on a number of different projects and with different teams than in the same routine day in and day out, as is often the case in a permanent job. Every organisation has unique systems and practices and working in temp positions allows you to develop new skills, learn new operating procedures and gain valuable CV-building points, all while experiencing new environments.

Gain valuable industry experience. If you’re looking to work in a new industry, temp work can provide the perfect way to gain relevant work experience – experience that can help get your CV noticed in a field in which you have not studied or worked for long enough. Relevant temp work in a reputable company can also help to demonstrate your willingness to learn as well as your adaptability – qualities that will make your CV more attractive.

Grow your network. Developing a professional network takes time and dedication, and is a key step in building a professional reputation. Working in various temp positions opens up networking opportunities and working with other professionals who you respect can ensure great references and referrals for other positions or roles in the future.

Build up to a permanent position. If you can’t secure a permeant post in an organisation you want to work for, a temp position could be your foot in the door. Prove yourself in that position and, when a permanent position becomes available, you will be better placed to be considered for that position. Many organisations treat temp work as a trial run – an opportunity for you to showcase your unique fit and skills and convince the management team that you are indispensable in the long term.

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