Five Reasons Temp Work Can Be Good For Your Career

Temp jobs might have had a bad reputation in the past but that is no longer the case. The world of work is changing – it is rare today to see employees enter a set career path and stay there for 20, 30 or 40 years. Rather, people are treating the world of work differently – as a way to explore the things that interest them while allowing them to pay the bills and, with employment opportunities now more varied, temporary employment has taken up a more prominent place in career building than in previous generations.

There are many reasons why an individual might consider taking a temporary job – from flexible hours, to the chance to explore a new field and while some people might be nervous that a temporary position does not offer the same security as a permanent contract, temporary employment (especially through an employment agency) does have a number of benefits, particularly if you are looking to grow your career.

Five reasons temporary work can be a big career boost:

  1. Flexibility is an option. Many temporary jobs come with flexible hours or workplace rules (such as being allowed to complete the work at home rather than in an office). The flexible nature of temporary work means that you can work the job into your life and needs while still working, earning money and gaining experience.
  1. Confidence injection. Often a temporary position will entail completing a project or a set number of tasks within a certain time frame. Once the work is done, the position is a wrap. Doing the job right (and reaching the end goal) can help you feel more confident about your skills and abilities and earn you a great reference to add to your CV for your next application while showcasing that you are open-minded and entrepreneurial (qualities favoured by many employers).
  1. A chance to learn something new. Even if you are hired for your particular skill set, you might not have encountered this particular industry or specific role before, especially if you are working for a brand new company. A temporary position like this can expose you to new experiences, tasks and ways of working that will ultimately add to your current hard and soft skills set and allow you to explore areas of your career that you might never have considered before.
  1. A spring board for a career move. When companies hire for temporary positions, they sometimes look for motivation and drive above exact experience. So if you are interested in working in a sector or industry in which you have little experience, a temporary contract could be the answer. Use a temporary position to prove your worth and your eagerness to gain experience and grow. Many great temporary employment positions end up as a full-time permanent ones.
  1. Grow your network. Work isn’t just about doing the job. When it comes to building your career, it’s also about relationships – maintaining current connections and finding and nurturing new ones. A temporary position can put you in contact with a whole new set of colleagues and work partners, helping to grow your professional network and placing you in the path of opportunities down the road.

At Lee Botti and Associates, we specialise in enhancing the career aspirations of our candidates while helping our clients source and secure staff who will develop their businesses.  When it comes to temporary employment opportunities, our Temp Alternatives division was developed to place staff on short or longer term assignments, hiring out skilled individuals to our clients on an hourly basis. This means that, if you work with us, you will be supported by the professional expertise and trusted value system that makes Lee Botti and Associates a leading South African recruitment company.

In addition, all our temporary contracts are compiled by leading Labour Attorneys, in order to protect our valued clients and to make them user friendly for our candidates. If you sign up as a Temp Alternatives temp, you will enjoy flexible working hours, learn valuable skills, build new contacts, receive the relevant benefits, and benefit from our high temporary to permanent hire ratios.

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