What are the interviewers looking for?

As much as we’d like to think we can prepare for an interview, we never know what exactly the interviewers are looking for. Each company and interviewer will be looking for something different but Lee Botti & Associates have compiled a series of things the interviewers may be looking for to try help you prepare as much as possible.

What are the interviewers looking for?

Ultimately we all want to come across as likeable as possible so that the person interviewing us is interested in what we have to say, which will start the interview off in the correct manner. Below is a list of things most interviewers look for in their candidates;

  1. Are you answering the questions you are being asked?

Be careful about getting side tracked, listen to all the questions you are being asked and answer them as honestly and accurately as possible. Don’t just blurt out pre- rehearsed questions – although it is good to prepare, this comes across as too practiced and is not very personable either.

  1. Watch your body language

Try not to slouch or fold your arms. Folded arms can make you look disinterested or unfriendly. If you sit up straight but look natural, this will come across as more professional and don’t forget to smile too!

  1. Don’t assume that being nervous is a negative.

Often being a little nervous shows that you are human and if anything shows that you actually really want the job!

  1. Are you making eye contact with your interviewer?

If you are looking all over the room this can make you look distracted and no one wants to hire someone who can’t stay focused.

  1. Did you take time to learn about the company?

Knowing what the company is about, goes a long way with interviewers. Researching them online shows that you took time and effort and that you are organised and prepared – these are all qualities companies look for, no matter what job you are applying for.

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