Tips For Talent Acquisition and Attraction in A Post Pandemic World

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in a number of ways, including talent acquisition and attraction in the corporate world. The pandemic that brought the world to a stand still has certainly had some huge impacts on many areas of life for so many people. Alongside this, the impact that it has had on the working world and industries at large is quite something. It’s changed the face of the working world as we know it and shifted the way businesses and people work and the relationships they foster.

With these changes comes shifts in the way we attain and attract business professionals as well as changes in the way that employees want to work and how they want to work which ultimately brings about this dramatic shift in the talent acquisition and recruitment world.

With this in mind, we thought we would touch base on how to attract and attain talent and business professionals in this post-pandemic world of remote working, Zoom meetings – as opposed to traveling for work – more health-conscious employees and a company or work culture that prioritize things differently.

Talent Acquisition And Attraction

This shift in the professional world has certainly made employers re-think their company strategies and perhaps has them questioning how best to evolve and grow their business without compromising on the quality of their work, products and/or services due to the shifting work landscape.

Companies have been forced to adapt quickly, finding suitable ways of working for all of their employees. They have had to become more aware of the diverse ways that people thrive and work as no two employees are the same and the biggest shift of all is that they have had to provide employees with a better work-life balance.

That being said, here are 4 tips on attracting and attaining talent and employees in a post-pandemic world.

Listen to employees and their feedback.

Your employees are an integral part of your business. They are valuable assets, and their happiness, health, satisfaction and growth should be top of your priority list which is why it is important to consider them and their feedback or feelings.

Holding regular evaluations and company surveys is a great way for you to gain insight into how your employees are feeling, what they feel needs improving, where they’re feeling as though they’re falling through the cracks and how they feel you could shift the business in order to better prioritise them and their needs and happiness.

Allow for growth and developmental opportunities.

Employees are very often looking for ways to further themselves, further their talent and learn and grow within their industry and it’s a great opportunity for you to provide them with a foundation that allows them to do exactly that.

Enhancing their skills not only benefits them but your business as well. Offering to send them on and pay for online courses, conferences pertaining to their field of work or to study and gain additional qualifications in their field of work, are wonderful ways to help them achieve their goals and further themselves after a stagnant and incredibly uncertain and unstable time in most of their lives.

Offer flexible working environments.

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting top talent, then ensuring greater flexibility when it comes to office hours versus personal hours and working from home or remotely is a great way to retain employees and ensure a stable work-life balance for them and their families.

This will ultimately have an impact on your employee retention rates and shift the focus of the employer, highlighting that you are a more progressive and inclusive employer.

Highlight workplace stability.

It is only natural that employees would be apprehensive when it comes to joining a new company or business post-pandemic. Many companies and businesses were forced to close or downsize during the pandemic, and it is understandable that employees are now hyper-aware of workplace and job stability and security.

Highlighting the stability of your business and workplace, your growth prospects and vision that you have for your company and the security of the job they are applying for, is a great way to be transparent with your employee and ensure that they feel confident in your business; confident in the stability and security you are able to provide them as their employer; confident that the role they’re applying for will allow them to grow and further their career and confident in the fact that you value them and their talent and the impact they will have within your company.

There are many additional tips we could highlight when it comes to talent acquisition and attraction post-pandemic, it isn’t an easy season to navigate as a business, but with a few adjustments and ensuring your employees are aware of their value within your business and the role that they play, you’re off to a great start.

If you are looking for prospective employees or you’re looking for a new job opportunity, be sure to get in touch with Lee Botti & Associates today and let us assist you in creating and business-to-employee relationship that is bound to succeed.