Temps are people too! Work appropriate ways to show your appreciation

Many companies rely on temporary staff to keep things running smoothly when there are gaps in the employment chain e.g. due to maternity leave, sickness, or staff changes. These individuals are often required to step in and do the job quickly and with no fuss. Yet, they are often not appreciated in the same way as full-time employees.

Happy Business team.You might think there is no point in rewarding or acknowledging temporary employees as they won’t be in your space for long but the opposite is true! Firstly, you might need them to come back and work for you again. Secondly, people tend to work better and more productively for employers they feel respect their time and skills. So, it’s worth showing a little appreciation to these short-term appointments without whom your company might run into trouble.

Here are 5 work appropriate ways to show your appreciation:

  1. Recognise their contribution: Acknowledging that someone has made a difference to your team or workplace can go a long way in helping that person feel appreciated. When your temporary employee gets the job done well, say thank you – better yet, thank them in front of their colleagues or send a company email and spread the good work news far and wide.
  2. Reward their achievements: Temporary employees need to be treated in the same way as your permanent staff when it comes to rewards. If you have an incentive scheme, reward system, or staff competition in place, make sure to include your temporary employees as far as possible. This will increase their motivation and make them feel included.
  3. Let them share in staff benefits: While it may not be possible to include temporary staff in company benefits such as pension schemes or medical aids, it might be easy enough to let them share in some smaller, daily benefits e.g. canteen vouchers or company parking. This will help to make them feel part of the team while enjoying some of the perks of working for your company.
  4. Give them a break: Temporary employees might not qualify for leave during the time they work for your company but everyone needs a break now and then. Consider offering a half-day or a ‘special’ Friday off to those temporary employees who have shown extra commitment. Studies show that people often appreciate time off more than monetary reward.
  5. Give them a cash bonus: If your temporary employees have helped you complete a project, boost sales, or hit a target, reward them with a bonus at the end of their contract. You could incentivise them when they start working for you by explaining that they could qualify for a bonus if they meet certain criteria. Bonuses, however small, can be a great motivator for excellent work.

Building a good relationship with your temporary employees through acknowledgement and appreciation will be good for your company in the long run. While not a permanent fixture, these individuals help fill important gaps at critical times and that makes them worth the effort.