Staffing up with temps for the holidays? Make sure you do it right.

The holidays are upon us and for many businesses that either means adding more (temporary) staff to the payroll or giving hardworking, full-time employees a break. However, just because your staff are taking a time out, doesn’t mean your business is – in fact, for many businesses, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year which means you need more hands on deck, not less.

When you need to replace employees for a short time, temps are the answer. But not all temps are created equal – if you want to avoid the issues that come with working with inexperienced or unreliable individuals, it’s best to make sure you work with skilled temps – what makes a skilled temp? Read this. Not only will a skilled hire save you time and money, they can help to bring fresh energy and insight to your business. To read more about why it counts to work with a skilled temp as opposed to a newbie, read this.

Three top tips for hiring skilled temps for your business:Experience counts. While it might be tempting to hire students looking to make extra cash or your stay-at-home friends who are happy to help out ‘just a bit’, hiring someone with no experience in your business, especially at the busiest time of the year, could cause more trouble than good. Someone with the know-how and the right qualifications for the job will be able to take on the work more quickly and efficiently, possibly requiring less training and supervision than someone who has no previous experience, and, if your temp has a track record in your industry, even better. Before you start your search, be clear on what you would need from a temp’s skill set and past work experience and let those things guide your search so that your chosen hire is more of a help than a hindrance.

Be crystal clear about the details. In line with the latest employment laws, being a temp is not a casual job – when you hire someone as a temp, they are being given an official position within your business for a set amount of time and with certain conditions. The nature of their position and the duration of their employment needs to be explained and understood from the outset. A failure to explain to the employee exactly what their work entails (including hours and pay) could lead to disappointment and lack of delivery on both sides. Whatever the nature of their employment, employees are protected by certain legal rights and employers must be clear about those before signing them on.

Get expert help. Remove the above hassles and use an agency that specialises in temp hire and management to find the right temps for your business. This means you can leave the legalities, paperwork and screening processes to those in the know. Simply tell the agency what you need and let them find the skilled people for the job. When you do that, all you have to do is pay the agency and they handle payroll for the employee, including any documentation and tax requirements. So easy!

At Lee Botti and Associates, we have a dedicated temporary staffing team, Temp Alternatives. With competitive hourly rates, you will only pay for hours worked while our team will take responsibility for all HR processes (including contracts and payroll). From entry level to senior management, we will find the best possible temps for your team, leaving you free to focus on your business.

When it comes to temporary recruitment for seasonal reasons, the sooner you start, the better your chances of securing the right talent. Our advice? Get the experts on the job today!