Looking For Employees For Your Travel Business? Here’s Why You Need An Expert Recruiter

Travel recruitment can be a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. That’s why it pays (and saves) to hire an expert in travel recruitment – an expert like Lee Botti and Associates. The best recruitment agencies understand the specifics of the industry they’re recruiting for, the needs of the client, and what would make for the most suitable candidates for the job at hand. Want to know why Lee Botti and Associates is the agency of choice for your travel business? Read on.

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Recruitment Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

Big reasons to hire Lee Botti and Associates as your expert recruiter:We know the travel industry. With 43 years’ experience in travel industry recruitment, we understand the dynamic nature, fast-paced culture and the core values needed to make a success  of travel work.  You can rest assured that our trained and accredited staff have the necessary resources and skills  to obtain thorough references, conduct background checks and evaluate the suitability of candidates in line with our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our database is both specific and extensive. One of the key benefits of our years of experience and recruitment resources is our database. We can certainly help you find travel-focused candidates with the right skills and experience for the advertised role. We can also cast our net wider to include candidates that might not have direct travel experience but might have other advantages for your business such as excellent sales skills or a true passion for client service – both elements that help make a great travel agent. Candidates who have ‘related’ skills but have not yet worked in a travel environment are also more likely to stay with your business longer, especially if you are offering training or experiential opportunities.

We understand millennials. Globe-trotting, flexible hours, creative challenges. Travel agencies are great work environments for young adults but these individuals are often millennials and when it comes to the world of work, they are unlike any employees you’ve ever seen. They don’t conform to the employee norms of the past and they don’t see work in the same way as previous generations. They do, however, bring a new level of energy and creativity to their work, they are tech-strong and they crave meaningful employment. Want to know more? Read this. As expert recruiters, we understand how millennials operate and are sure to be able to select the best young talent for your business.

We remove the hassle factor. Don’t have the time or the expertise to sift through a huge pile of CV’s? As expert recruiters, we can efficiently and effectively manage the client search and screening processes so the only candidates you’ll interview are ‘best fit’ for your business.

As members of APSO, TRAVELBAGS and SKAL, and with links to overseas recruitment agencies, we understand the unique nature of the travel world and are perfectly placed to help you recruit only the best for your business. Expanding, replenishing or exploring, Lee Botti and Associates is your ideal recruitment partner – contact us today!