linkedin-icon-logo-vector-400x400It is becoming increasingly evident that social networking profiles play and imperative role in the job application process. Recruiters and corporates are relying more and more on social media and candidates’ profiles to make informed decisions around a job applicant. We have identified a number of tips and considerations for you to utilise in terms of ensuring your LinkedIn profile is benefiting you in the long-run.

LinkedIn is a magnificent professional platform that allows recruiters and corporates to get a feel for the type of person a candidate is; their likes and dislikes and what sort of things interest them. It is for this reason that it is important that job seekers understand social networking profiles such as LinkedIn and how they strengthen their job application.

  • Connections are important
  • Additional information is handy
  • Image portrayal
  • Consistency is key!
  • Active and responsive profile at all times

LinkedIn profiles are a great way to build your professional connections and can have a huge influence in strengthening your job application.

Ensuring you connect with key influencers and join groups pertaining to informative conversations centred around the industry you are interested in, is the perfect way to show recruiters and corporates that you are serious about the industry and that you enjoy engaging in conversation regarding important and newsworthy information.

Not only does this provide a good professional appearance but it also influences the image you are portraying to recruiters and potential employers through your LinkedIn account.

It is important to remember that your LinkedIn profile is a full reflection of your professional profile and image and allows recruiters and potential employers to gauge the type of person you are, paying attention to the kinds of things you share and consider newsworthy; your likes and dislikes; the way you interact with others via your LinkedIn profile ; whether or not there is consistency across your profiles in terms of professional experience and so forth; whether your profile is up-to-date and looking at what conversations and groups you are a part of. Although you may think the word “social” means you can disregard these profiles in the quest for a job it is vital that you endeavour to keep up-to-date across all social networking profiles, not only LinkedIn, and utilise them to your advantage.

Apart from professional and general information. LinkedIn profiles are a great way for you to highlight other additional information regarding yourself such as past work experience that may not have featured in your CV for a particular job application, or maybe exciting personal information that you don’t get to share during interviews.  Having said this, there are boundaries when it comes to the sharing of personal information and it is important not to over share both in the interview and on your social networking profiles. Alongside all of the above-mentioned points, we cannot stress consistency enough.

Rseau socialBeing consistent in your approach to your LinkedIn profile shows recruiters and corporates that you are organised and take pride in your professional and social appearance and are proud of who you are as a person.

It is important for you to remain active, be responsive, engage in conversation (both social and professional) whether this be on group chats via LinkedIn or on newsworthy and interesting topics or posts shared, be aware of your surroundings and keep up-to-date with news relevant to your industry in order to enhance your professional profile and strengthen your application through the use of your LinkedIn account.

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