Finished your studies, but can’t find a job? Try these top tips…

Finished your studies and ready to get going in the real world of work but finding it harder than expected to get that dream job? Or any job? You’re not alone. Research conducted in early 2019 by Stats SA shows that 55% of new graduates are unemployed.

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But don’t lose heart. Often the difference between not having work and finding employment comes down to how you look for it. As expert employment agents, we see hundreds of resumes and talk to candidates with all kinds of qualifications every day so we are well placed to offer you some stellar advice on how to find a job after graduation. Start with the five top tips below.

Better your chances of finding work by doing the following:Get your CV sorted. The first thing a potential employer or employment agency sees is your CV. It needs to be professional, detailed, and well formatted. It also needs to have a cover letter that directly addresses the job you are applying for.  Showing that you are qualified, skilled and suited to the advertised role will go a long way to getting that interview.

Know what’s out there. Your tertiary qualification might not neatly align with current positions but there could be scope for using your education in new and interesting ways e.g. Arts majors might do well to consider work in the Sales and Marketing field.

Get to know your (potential) employer. Interested in applying for a role you’ve seen advertised online? Take the time to research the company and its culture. Are you a good fit? Can you reflect that in your CV and in an interview? Do you really want to work for a particular company but don’t see a vacancy? Contact their HR department and ask about possible direct recruitment opportunities.

Be real about what’s on offer. This might be hard to read but, as a new graduate, you might not be qualified or skilled enough to get the job you really want. If you want to start working (and we know you do), it’s worth considering opportunities that might be less than what you would like to do (in role, responsibility and pay) but that have scope for growth. These positions can give you a chance to gain practical experience, study further, or really show your employer what you can do, launching the next stage of your career.

Get expert help. Just like you, there are so many graduates out there, looking for work. And getting a job is about many more factors other than just having the right qualifications – there’s your CV, interview skills and knowing who to contact, when and how. That’s why it pays to work with a reputable recruitment agent – a team that’s in the know when it comes to sourcing the best opportunities for the right candidates. A team like Lee Botti and Associates.

With over 40 years’ experience in recruitment, across South Africa, Lee Botti and Associates are expert recruiters. Our experienced and trained consultants are dedicated to helping our clients and candidates find the best possible fit. From working on your CV to securing interviews and guiding you through the recruitment process, we can help you get going on your career journey.