5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Temp Job

Temp work is a solid way to build bridges between permanent jobs, either while you are job hunting, if you’re in a space that requires a certain level of flexibility, or if you’re not quite sure yet what kind of job you are wanting to do. If you take the time to think about it, a temporary position can offer you much more than just a financial boost – it can be an opportunity to learn new skills and grow your career.

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Are you working a temp job? Whatever the reason, just because the position is temporary doesn’t mean the benefits and learnings have to be. We’ve got some great tips for making the most of your temp job right now.

Five ways to make your temp job work for you:

  • Think strategically. Most people don’t want to be temps forever so it pays to think about where this job fits into your career path. Is it a chance to test drive a potential employer? Is it a stop gap on the way to a different career? How does it fit into your career plan? This type of thinking will help you to focus on the areas of the job that mean the most to you and to give it your all in developing those, even if the actual position might not be the perfect fit.


  • Develop new skills. Every new working environment is a chance to gain knowledge or learn a valuable skill. Whether it’s mastering an administrative task, experiencing a new technology, or joining a learnership programme hosted by the company, seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth. You might not be there for the long haul but you might as well learn something while you are. Not only will this add to your CV and, in some cases, qualifications, it could stand you in good stead should a permanent position come up.


  • Take (written) notes. While a temp position probably means you may not be subject to reviews or performance appraisals, keep a record of your accomplishments and successes while in this role. Also save any emails or notes from management about your contribution, positive impact, or a job well done. You can use these as part of a ‘portfolio of contributions’ for your CV, either to impress your next employer or make a case for permanent employment at your current company, should the opportunity present itself.


  • Don’t think that because you’re ‘only’ a temp worker, you only need to put in half the effort of other staff members. Do the opposite – take this opportunity to bring your A game to the table. Work hard, be on time, maintain a positive attitude, act as a helping hand, and show your new employers how skilled you truly are. When you perform at your best, not only do you allow yourself to feel great every day about a job well done, you will impress those around you. Some employers are known for making a permanent position out of a temporary one for those employees that truly make a positive impact.


  • While it can be hard to establish solid working relationships when you have a temporary status, it’s worth working on your professional network. This will make for better day-to-day dealings but can also be useful for future references and contacts. You never know when a good referral will help you get your foot in the door. Make sure to get formal feedback from your management team about your performance – this way you will make sure that they know who you are and that you leave with a glowing reference.

At Lee Botti, we work hard to place professional staff in the most suitable roles. Are you looking for a temporary position? Or something more permanent? We can help! As expert recruiters, we help our candidates engage in a comprehensive job search with the aim of finding them the job they deserve.

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