4 Steps To Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency

Job hunting has become a very daunting task to take up on your own. The internet is riddled with job directory sites and options for you to choose from that it can naturally become incredibly overwhelming and, before you know it, you feel confused, uncertain and lost, with no idea on what direction to take or how to find or determine the right job on offer. Applying online with no response is very demoralising and to find someone who will assist you is not that easy.

This is where a recruitment agency like Lee Botti & Associates comes in handy.

It’s important to remember, not every recruitment agency is right for you and it is crucial that you ensure you work with an agency that is going to suit you best, understand  your needs well and has experience in the industry you have expertise and experience in.

Recruitment agencies have market knowledge, as well as specialist recruitment knowledge. This, coupled with skills to assist you throughout the entire job hunting, applying and securing journey. They can be an incredible asset to you when it comes to your professional portfolio and journey.

With this in mind, we thought we would share 4 important steps to take into consideration to ensure you’re connecting with the right recruitment agency for your job-hunting journey.

4 Steps To Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency

Firstly, the most obvious step, do your research. Researching recruitment agencies is the perfect starting point. It is important for you to find a recruitment agency that is in your area, that has experience within your industry.  There are agencies that specialise in specific industries and there are agencies that may take a more traditional, generalist or all-round approach and focus on a large pool of industries as opposed to being more niche.  Do they understand your field and the type of job you are looking for? Do they have experience with people who have similar criteria to you and who are in your field of expertise? Are they members of APSO, the Association for the Recruitment Industry. (www.apso.org.za)

Once identified, contact them telephonically and speak to a consultant.  Build a rapport with a consultant over the phone before emailing your information.  Remember too, that you should not register with any agency that requires payment from you. 

Consider the agency’s history such as how long have they been in existence?  Have they been specialising in their field for a long time?

Secondly, clearly explaining your needs to the recruitment agencies is an important part of the process. Elaborating and giving an in-depth explanation of who you are, what you want out of a recruitment agency, what you want out of a job, what industry you are in and what type of job you are looking for will assist you in establishing exactly who is up for the job, who has the correct expertise to assist you and who has experience that is helpful to you and your job hunting journey.

It is best to be as in-depth and clear as possible when explaining your needs so that the agency has a clear understanding of how they can assist you as this will assist you in establishing whether they are the right fit for you.

Thirdly, meet with the agency face-to-face. Here at Lee Botti & Associates we take pride in the fact that we meet with every single one of our candidates, either face-to-face or via online platforms.

Meeting with the agency face-to-face is crucial as it allows for building that candidate-recruiter relationship in a professional manner, allowing you to ask the necessary questions about their company and the team you will be working with.  You have the opportunity to discuss your expectations with them in order to ensure that your needs will be met, as well as elaborate on what skills you have gained in your working career.

Linked to the above is our fourth step, learn about their process. Find out about the process the agency follows when it comes to your recruitment and job hunting journey. Understanding this process will help you to better establish if the agency has the necessary expertise to assist you and whether or not they resonate with you and what you are looking for.

Once you have met with them, then where to from there.  Do they handle your application confidentially? Do they contact you to obtain your permission for them to represent you? Do they advise you which company they are sending your details?  You do not want your CV to be flooding the market and not knowing where it has gone. 

All of these are important factors to look in to and understand when choosing a recruitment agency as it is an important journey that has a huge impact on your professional future.

With all of the above in mind, why not get in touch with Lee Botti & Associates today if you’re in the market for jobs in the logistics, travel or supply chain industries? We specialise in these industries, have over 45 years’ experience in the industry and are willing and ready to help you find your dream job.